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The Platy Project


Spot and record a platypus 


Pearl Park

Main Street Foster


Sunday 13th February 2022

From 3-6pm


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What is the platy-project?

The platy-project is an ACF project that PACA are participating in related to sighting and recording platypus throughout the Monash Federal Electorate.

By recording where platypuses live we can understand more about this incredible creature, and help prevent further declines in their numbers.

That’s where you can help. There are places within the platypus’ range where sightings have never been recorded, or where they haven’t been seen for a long time. These are our biggest gaps in knowledge.

You can help researchers fill these gaps by visiting priority areas, looking for platypuses, and uploading your findings to the University of New South Wales’ platypus sighting database.


How to RSVP

Please email Craig Panagiris 

Other information

Please bring your camera, binoculars, notebook and pen, long pants, sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen and water

Please visit the ACF project website for more information

For more information about the project and the event please call Craig 

Image by Meg Jerrard
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