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If we are to move away from fossil fuels and digging up coal for our power generation, we need to take care of the communities that have built their lives around the employment of their families in this industry.

The Just Transitions sub group seeks solutions, applies political pressure and has a vision for a future that employs people in sound jobs that are in sync with the environmental health of the planet. For example, renewable energy offers huge potential for the Australian economy as outlined in Ross Garnaut's Superpower: Australia's Low Carbon Opportunity

‘The fog of Australian politics on climate change has obscured a fateful reality: Australia has the potential to be an economic superpower of the future post-carbon world.’— Ross Garnaut

If you're inclined to get serious with politicians, creatively envision a better economy or just want to be in the same room as others who focus on these important issues, get in touch. They're a very inclusive mob. 

Many PACA members of this Just Transitions group have done some fantastic work in establishing a fortnightly newsletter, 'Just Community'. You can subscribe and catch up on all the issues here.

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