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With so much of our native forest cleared for roads, towns, agriculture or plantation timber, we need to do all we can to increase the biodiversity around us, and that means in our own back yards, front yards and nature strips.

The good news? It's really easy - and effective.

By planting just a small area with native plants that are indigenous to the area, placing rocks and logs for protection and doing this in such a way that it links to another patch, we can collectively create corridors of habitat for a myriad of creatures. Nature knows what to do if given the chance.

Nature for Neighborhoods is an Australian Conservation Foundation project. Although public events are on hold during the pandemic, we can still organise ourselves in our streets and towns under this project banner. If you'd like to register your participation there's a quick form below.

Local resources are available to find the right plants for the local species. If you have a particular affection for native birds, there are plenty of beautiful plants that will shelter and feed them. Insects are in desperate need of a wider range of grasses, flowers and protection in a world where pesticides have decimated their populations. We have members ready to help you with free advice and even on-site visits.

Nesting boxes are a great item to replace the increasingly rare hollows in older trees - but there's a science to it and they need to be constructed according to the species. Click here to see more from LaTrobe University's Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can order boxes online. Remember, though, that they will need to be monitored over time to prevent feral species from taking over.

Ready to start designing and planting? We'd love to list you on our Register to show how many caring people are involved. We can also help you to mobilise your whole street to do the same. Think boldly!

Register your Project

To get the ball rolling, please take the time to fill out the information below. A Nature for Neighbourhoods member will be in touch soon...


Click on the links below to local nurseries and other resources to help with your project...

south gippsland seedbanK


deep creeK nursery


narKabundah nursery

sandy point


There are a lot of knowledgeable members at PACA - if you need help with choosing species, get in touch for some advice.

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