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Carbon Offsets with Peter Gannon

It's a complex story but Peter Gannon, ecologist and environmental consultant, is the man who understands all the layers, relationships, acts, processes and challenges that are part of the biodiversity and carbon offset space.

Once you've digested the webinar, delve further with the links below. There's plenty of room for improvement in the way these schemes are conducted, so let's make it a part of the conversation as we work to secure a better future for nature - and ourselves.

As promised, Peter has provided us with more links for those who would like to enquire further:

Victorian Native Vegetation Offset program - DELWP Third-party Offset establishment: Carbon Offset programs - DISER Carbon Offset homepage: - Emissions Reduction Fund case studies:

Carbon Offset consultancies - Market Advisory Group:

Further to this, Mark and Melissa Pardoe who were on the call have sent us a link to their blog post that outlines their own experience with their 100 acre property in Koonwarra. We're so pleased that we have this to add, as the network of wisdom is a powerful tool.

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