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Climate Action Now by Jan Stoller

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I haven’t much to report on what’s going on with PACA at this time of year. I imagine many of you are in the same boat, with family and friends visiting in great numbers over the holiday period. There are still 7 family members in our house, which normally contains a peaceful 2, but there were weeks with 11, including five boisterous grandsons!

Hopefully, we can turn our attention soon to PACA matters to include in the Newsletter. We invite you to contribute any snippets on events or activities that would be of interest to our members.

At least I can keep up to date via the web with climate change matters. There’s a beautiful explanation of the basics of climate change on, which I strongly recommend you read or re-read, titled “Why the next five years are an opportunity to buy us time to solve climate change”. The discussion of the climate budget is excellent, clear and concise. ‘If we want to stop temperatures rising, we have to stop emitting CO2. No amount of political slogans or spin can change that.’

Late last year, I contacted the ACF for their Climate Action Now Pack. They have sent me a box of 20 posters in bright yellow that can be distributed, given away or collected from our market stall table. Go to the website for a full explanation of legal locations and suggestions for their use and what to say when handing them out. Contact me if you would like some, or write to the ACF for your own pack.

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