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Elizabeth Collins: Food Futures

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

As the founder of Project GreenPlot - a community food production initiative in the Corner Inlet area of South Gippsland - PACA member Elizabeth Collins has connected with the wider urban agriculture movement and small producers operating in the region.

In this webinar, she outlines the shift towards agroecology by smaller producers who are finding ways to connect directly with their consumers, as well as the many mental health benefits that stem from domestic gardeners growing their own and/or sharing the excess. Capucine Germain of Le Yum bakery describes her experience of being part of the Prom Coast Food Collective family, which now sells weekly direct to both local and Melbourne subscribers.

Much work is being done in other parts of Australia in developing new food system strategies, often starting with 'kitchen table' talks that generate new thinking around how we get our food, moving away from such high reliance on big ag and supermarkets. It's hoped that the upcoming Just Transitions South Gippsland assemblies will take us further along the journey towards a new food system for our area.

Elizabeth was interviewed by Mark Pearton, creator of sustainability blog Tackan in June 2021 - you can read more here

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