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June Webinar: Revegetate your land with native plants - Dr Pat O'Malley

We have had to endure two months without a webinar, and we are making up for this with a wonderful local farmer and greenie, Dr Pat O’Malley.

We will celebrate the winter solstice by hearing Pat talk about his journey to being an ‘accidental greenie'. Pat lives at Waratah and will tell us about his journey to revegetate his farm. So if you want to know how to do what we all need to do, that is plant and grow local to create safe refuge for our wildlife, then put aside an hour on Tuesday to here how Pat is doing it.

The ACF is making restoring nature it’s main focus, and Pat is way ahead of them. Fred Weight is leading our ’Nature Outreach’ project, and we have among us of course Bryan Watterson who has planted a forest. So Pat will be talking about a project others have started, thought about, planned for or just longed for.

This is Pat’s story on a pinhead!

"My childhood was spent chasing and breeding butterflies, and longing to be a field naturalist. Accordingly, I ended up as a legal academic in universities in Australia and around the world – with a broad specialism in a field of urban security dealing with crime prevention, fire governance, road safety, insurance and the like. In 2002 we bought our 100 acre property in Waratah North and promptly moved to Canada, but before leaving set in train a major revegetation program. Since returning to live on the farm permanently in 2011, maintaining and extending revegetation has occupied most of my time and a lot of resources. Current hobbies include shouting at wallabies.”

What: PACA monthly webinar with Dr Pat O’Malley ‘Accidental Greenie'

When: Tuesday 21st June 7-8pm

Where: Zoom

This is a mid-winter treat for you, so you can hear what our local champions are doing while warming yourself in front of the fire, dog and soup on your lap. or cat if you prefer.

please join us. - Jo Wainer

Did you miss Dr. Pat O'Malley's webinar about revegetate, restore and revive?

Here is the recording

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