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Totally Renewable Yackandandah is coming to Meeniyan - 9th Nov 6:30pm

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Come to Meeniyan hall on 9th November at 6:30pm to hear from Matt Charles Jones, president of Totally Renewable Yackandandah. Matt will be sharing the amazing story of how a town can become a totally renewable campion through amazing community engagement.

Matthew Charles-Jones (President / Project Manager)

Matthew brings a wealth of passion and experience to his vocation in energy innovation. He draws on an extensive teaching background in the secondary, tertiary and vocational spheres and strives to provide precise, clear and purposeful communications. Matthew is also the foundation member of successful grassroots community energy group, Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY).

With a particular focus on change, community, climate change and sustainable energy systems, Matthew has a driving determination for rapid energy transition. Consequently, he works hard to build and maintain strong networks across local, state and federal government agencies, as well as in the community and commercial realms. These skills are underpinned with qualifications in education, ecology, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Matthew was a nominee in the 2020 Victorian Local Hero category of the Australian of the Year Award. Totally Renewable Yackandandah received two awards in the Victorian Premiers Sustainability Award for 2020. TRY received the award in the Community Category as well as the Premiers Regional Achievement Award.

Sustainable Meeniyan

Sustainable Meeniyan's plan is to help reduce the causes of climate change and to adapt, prepare and strengthen our community resilience. Sustainable Meeniyan was established with the support of Meeniyan festival and Ent Inc.

ACF Prom Area Climate Action (PACA)

PACA is an independently organised, volunteer-run group presenting the Prom Area and is part of the Australian Conservation Foundation Community Group network. Founded in November 2017 by two local ACF members, Jo Wainer and Sue Quinn the group counts now more than 300 members.

Just Transition South Gippsland Inc.

A grassroot community movement responding to climate change from the ground up. JTSG is working towards a fast and fair transition where nobody is left behind.

Gippsland Climate Change Network

A Gippsland wide not-for-profit and registered charity focused on connecting and collaborating with local communities, businesses, and government organisations around climate change awareness and solutions.


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