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October Webinar: Natural Asset Farming - Professor David Lindenmayer

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We have secured Australia’s leading researcher on forests and biodiversity for our webinar on Monday 24th October.

Australia's leading ecologist and internationally renowed forest researcher, Professor David Lindenmayer, will speak to the Prom Area Climate Action webinar about Natural Asset Farming.

This is a new approach to improving the integration of biodiversity conservation and agricultural production on farms. The talk will outline key new insights on ways to improve the quality of plantings, shelterbelts, farm dams and other natural assets on farms. These insights are based on the past 24 years of detailed field-based empirical monitoring data on farms from central Victoria to south-eastern Queensland, with a particular focus on temperate box-gum grassy woodlands.

Professor David Lindenmayer is a world-leading expert in forest ecology and resource management, conservation science, and biodiversity conservation. He runs 5 large-scale, long-term research programs in south-eastern Australia, to conserve biodiversity in farmland, wood production forests, plantations, and reserves. He has maintained some of the largest, long-term research programs in Australia.

What: PACA monthly webinar with Professor David Lindenmayer - Natural Asset Farming

When: Monday 24th October 7-8pm

Where: Zoom

Register now for Zoom link here.

We are so privileged to have Prof Lindenmayer set aside time to speak with us, please join us to hear about the next steps in restoring nature to her full glory.

Did you miss Professor David Lindenmayer's webinar about Natural Asset Farming?

Here is the recording

And here the presentation slides

Sustainable Farms_Victoria_October_2022_v3
Download PDF • 4.94MB

Selection of publications of Professor David Lindenmayer

Natural Asset Farming - Creating Productive and Biodiverse Farms

by David Lindenmayer, Suzannah Macbeth, David Smith, Michelle Young

Farm dams, creeklines, vegetation and rocky outcrops are natural assets that are essential for healthy, sustainable farms. Protecting and enhancing these elements of natural capital on farms not only supports biodiversity, but also contributes to farm productivity and to the well-being of farmers and farming communities.

Natural Asset Farming: Creating Productive and Biodiverse Farms reveals seven key natural assets and why they are so valuable for biodiversity and productivity on farms. Drawing on two decades of long-term ecological monitoring and knowledge exchange with farmers, Landcare groups and natural resource management experts, this book is a tool for building and enhancing natural assets in agricultural landscapes. In bringing together ecological science and the experience of farmers in the wheat-sheep belt of south-eastern Australia, Natural Asset Farming will help foster ideas, boost resilience and improve the sustainability of agricultural production.

The Great Forest: The rare beauty of the Victorian Central Highlands

by David Lindenmayer

The Great Forest is a tribute to extraordinary landscapes now under severe threat from logging and wildfires, such as the catastrophic fire that struck on Black Saturday in 2009. It uncovers the intricate webs of life that make Mountain Ash forests so much more than their towering trees. It explores the unique forests that have sustained the Gunaikurnai, Taungurung and Wurundjeri peoples for tens of thousands of years, and that provide a home for creatures found almost nowhere else. The exquisite photographs reveal the Central Highlands of Victoria to be one of Australia’s largely undiscovered natural treasures.

Stopping native forest logging is the only way to meet our net zero targets - By David Lindenmayer, Brendan Mackey, Heather Keith

October 14 2022 - 5:30am, Canberra Times

Read article here

Burning forest biomass for energy is a climate own goal by David Lindenmayer, Brendan Mackey, Heather Keith

August 24 2022 - 5:30am, Canberra Times

Read article here

A penguin farm in the Australian desert: a thought experiment that reveals the flaws in our environment laws - David Lindenmayer

Monday July 25, 2022, The Mandarin

Read article here

Saving our native forests in Victoria - September webinar ACF

Publications through Australian National University

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