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Local effort to spot and record platypus

As part of the recently reported Australian Conservation Foundation’s platy-project, members of the public and the Prom Area Action Group met at Foster’s Pearl Park on the afternoon of Sunday 13th February in search of the elusive platypus.

There have been reported sightings of platypus in Foster’s Stockyard Creek over the decades though the platypus remained elusive on the day with none being sighted and recorded on the day.

Local Prom Area Action Group member Fred Weight stated that “whilst we did not spot any platypus on the day it was great to see members of the public including children out in nature supporting the protection and well-being of Australia’s iconic platypus through this important citizen science project”.

Members of the public are encouraged to take part in the platy-project this February, and hopefully you’ll experience the magical moment of a platypus encounter. To participate, go to to learn more and to download the toolkit that tells you all about how to spot a platypus. You can also call local organiser Craig Panagiris at for further details.

Although we did not spot a platypus on the day, check out what we did see!


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