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Strze the koala had a busy day at the Foster Show by Anda Banikos

He had a great time chatting to people about Strzelecki koalas and wildlife habitat ... and even got to go up on stage with Elektra the MC at the Young Ambassadors event to amaze the audience with fun wildlife facts.

Lots of people stopped by at the Watch for Wildlife stall and shared their koala and wildlife stories. Strze was really happy to hear about all the tree planting and habitat protection that's happening in our area ... koalas eat a lot of gumleaves and it's great to know that a good supply of new ones is growing.

There were some sad stories about injured wildlife too. Strze and his animal friends don't have much road sense, so please slow down near their homes. If you see an injured native animal, please ring Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300.

Strze is really looking forward to the next Foster Show - see you there!

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