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Watch for Wildlife stall at Prom Produce and Craft Market Foster, 5 December 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Rosemary, Glen, Anda and a magpie puppet had some great conversations with market goers about our local wildlife, in particular the Strzelecki koalas. They were able to share stories and information about the Watch for Wildlife project and raise awareness of the vulnerability of native animals on and near roads as well as the need to conserve the habitats of our native species.

The people engaging with the stall included tourists, old locals wanting to share their own stories and people recently arrived in the area who wanted to connect with a conservation group.

It was our first time at this market and we felt that it was very worthwhile. We made some great community connections and began conversations that will hopefully continue around dinner tables throughout our area.

Watch for Wildlife - getting the word out! Rosemary, Anda and Glen have been doing a great job at markets, chatting to people about our local wildlife issues, handing out information and making connections!

Watch for Wildlife was also at the Fish Creek NYE parade

We are looking forward to being at future Prom Produce and Craft Markets in Foster and will be at the Foster Show on Saturday 26th February 2022!

See you there!


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